The visiting professorship for Inventive Theology was instituted in 2015 to give substance to the possible position and role of progressive and liberal faith in a secularized time. Through research, education and public lectures, we seek the renewed conversation with tradition, science and culture. To believe freely is “non-dogmatic,” but what is it affirmatively? And what role might the interaction between community and individual play in this?

Inventive theology for us is concerned with ars credendi, an “inventive” or do-it-yourself theology with roots not only in liberal and Anabaptist theology but also in rhetoric and humanism. In a juxtaposing interplay with philosophy, we look for sites where free but affirmative confessio may be found again.

The visiting professorship is part of the Mennonite Seminary at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and works in partnership with the Luxemburg School of Religion & Society.

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