Symposium Inventive Theology: Rhetoric and the Politics of Believing, 26-27 October

Registration for Symposium and Lecture

Participation in the symposium Inventive Theology (26-27 October) and/or the lecture Theopolitical Figures (26 October) is free of charge. You can register by sending us an email under m.m.van.hoogstraten (at) vu (dot) nl. For spontaneous visitors, registration at the door will also be possible. We look forward to seeing you!

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Lecture: Theopolitical Figures, 26 October

Public LectureTheopolitical FiguresProf. Montserrat Herrero 26 October 2022 | 19:30-21:00Singelkerk, Amsterdam (NL) Response Prof. Carl Raschke How does theological discourse continue to shape political life? Are there divine traces embedded in institutionalized political practices?Theopolitical figures are other names of God that we find in the political realm. We can consider at least five such figures:…

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Program: Inventive Theology, 26-27 October

Inventive TheologyRhetorics and the Politics of BelievingSymposium | 26-27 October 2022Singelkerk, Amsterdam (NL) Theology is always already strategic, aesthetic, and political speech. In light of contemporary issues, this may seem a commonplace. Yet the fruits of ancient and new rhetoric have scarcely been noted in recent theological debate. Join us for conversations exploring theology’s rhetorical…

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