Canceled: Religion and Emancipation: Two Encounters and a Workshop (pre-announcement)

Strasbourg, 8-9 April 2021 (Language: French)Amsterdam, 14-15 June 2021 (Language: English)Luxembourg, 17-19 June 2021 (Language: English) The events in Amsterdam and Luxembourg are canceled. For updates on the Strasbourg event, see the University of Strasbourg website.These events are being postponed to a date after the summer (t.b.a.) Today, traditionalist and fundamentalist movements in various religions … Lees verder Canceled: Religion and Emancipation: Two Encounters and a Workshop (pre-announcement)

Anabaptist Ambiguity

Deconstructive Readings of Historical Topoi In his current research, Marius van Hoogstraten undertakes deconstructive readings of topoi from Anabaptist history. In these readings, a constitutive ambiguity appears to insist itself into efforts to ground a separated identity. The suspicion arises that this ambiguity may, in spite of itself, be a site for strategic coinventivity, that … Lees verder Anabaptist Ambiguity


The visiting professorship for Inventive Theology was instituted in 2015 to give substance to the possible position and role of progressive and liberal faith in a secularized time. Through research, education and public lectures, we seek the renewed conversation with tradition, science and culture. To believe freely is "non-dogmatic," but what is it affirmatively? And … Lees verder About